• Apple Shooter 2

    Welcome to apple shooter 2 dot com, it is like playing a roulette flash game. The apple shooters games here are a go first person shooter games with a western type style. This is a go flash game development addicting game in the making. This apple shooter first person shooter game has the goal of shooting the apple off your friends head. Can you hit the target without hitting your friendly assistant?

    The way you play these addicting flash games is by using your mouse to control your bow and arrow. The longer you press down on your mouse button the more force you get and the farther your arrow will go; the second thing is getting your aiming, and this done with your mouse (the cursor) pressing down and then releasing. If you are successful in hitting your target (the apple off your friends head) you move one to the next level, but the next level will increase the difficulty in hitting your target.

    Apple shooter is an additive go flash game and a nerve wracking roulette flash game. These are some addicting flash games that have become a very popular online. Think it’s easy to shoot the apple from the other persons head? It might be easy the first time but then it gets harder and harder as the distance increases. Do you have the archery skills necessary to hit your way to the top of the apple shooting chart? All you have to do is to make sure you don’t make a mistake or it will cost your 2 dimensional friend’s life. Hope you enjoy playing apple shooter.

    Try your archery skills on apple shooter.

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